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For topic 4 , understanding and using Pseudocode is very important. There are two official IB pseudocode guides (see links page), and an version to help you practice

Click on the Topic code (e.g. 4.1.1) to download the class slideshow on that topic:

General Principals

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Thinking procedurally
4.1.1 Identify the procedure appropriate to solving a problem. 4.1.1
2.1.2 Evaluate whether the order in which activities are undertaken will result in the required outcome. 2.1.2
3.1.3 Explain the role of sub-procedures in solving a problem. 3.1.3
Thinking logically
4.1.4 Identify when decision-making is required in a specified situation. 4.1.4
4.1.5 Identify the decisions required for the solution to a specified problem. 4.1.5
4.1.6 Identify the condition associated with a given decision in a specified problem. 4.1.6
4.1.7 Explain the relationship between the decisions and conditions of a system. 4.1.7
4.1.8 Deduce logical rules for real-world situations. 4.1.8
Thinking ahead
4.1.9 Identify the inputs and outputs required in a solution. 4.1.9
4.1.10 Identify pre-planning in a suggested problem and solution. 4.1.10
4.1.11 Explain the need for pre-conditions when executing an algorithm. 4.1.11
4.1.12 Outline the pre- and post-conditions to a specified problem. 4.1.12
4.1.13 Identify exceptions that need to be considered in a specified problem solution. 4.1.13
Thinking concurrently
4.1.14 Identify the parts of a solution that could be implemented concurrently. 4.1.14
4.1.15 Describe how concurrent processing can be used to solve a problem. 4.1.15
4.1.16 Evaluate the decision to use concurrent processing in solving a problem 4.1.16
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