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Pseudo code

Pseudo code (used in Paper 1)

Programming constitutes a key part of any Computer Science Course. The IB uses two “languages”, one for Paper 1 and another one for Paper 2 (Option D only).

The Paper 1 language is called Pseudo code and is perhaps more formal than what you would expect. We teach it discreetly so that students have the chance at accessing top marks in the Paper 1 exam.

IB Pseudocode rules – Official guidance document on the syntax and grammar of the language
IB Pseudocode rules – more – Copy of the handout students get when writing the exam

Resources for practicing

Here are three of these session sheets:

Dave Mulkey (teacher at FIS) created an online simulator that uses the IB pseudo code, but as the language is not really consistent, it deviates slightly; still an EXCELLENT resource to practice with! EZ Pseudo code (Dave Mulkey)

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