About Us

Keiren Reynolds is a modern tool for the application of new approaches and methods to the teaching and learning process. Keiren Reynolds is a new-age system designed to facilitate the learning process to ensure that educators achieve the objectives of their field more effectively and learners achieve their learning goals in a more improved way. With this tool, better learning outcomes are achieved more effectively. Kieren Reynolds is a new way of organization.


For students

Kieren Reynolds is an innovative academic tool to help you take better strides in your academics and record significant progress in your subjects. On Kieren Reynolds, you will be able to review subjects matter and tasks. Through an in-depth review, you will be provided with a portfolio where all your academic performances are displayed. You will be able to see your strengths and your weaknesses academically. The areas where you excel well will be highlighted, and you will also be shown the areas where you need additional help academically. Keiren Reynolds is designed to take all your talents, skills, strong points, lapses, and weaknesses and present them to you in a visual display in order to help you learn a lot more about yourself and have a detailed insight into your abilities and weaknesses.

For educators

Educators will find Kieren Reynolds to be a very valuable tool in the discharge of their obligations as facilitators. This tool can become the companion of educators as they carry out their duties every day. With Kieren Reynolds, teachers will be able to break down data and information for their classes, students, and subject matter. This detailed breakdown will help you to figure out the areas the students are putting in great individual performances and the areas in which they need help to improve. You will also be able to view visual data for student progression and more. Tracking students' attendance is now also made easier with Kieren Reynolds

What you can do with Kieren Reynolds

  • Export grade books and instant marking
  • Visual data for student progression, class strengths, and more
  • Intervention tracking
  • Track students' and make notes in real-time
  • Recommendations and Revisions based on machine learning
  • Collaborative |Coding– Edit, run, or test in real time
  • Cloud-based | Compilers– python, Java, Pseudocode

What you can do with Kieren Reynolds


Kieren is a Computer Science Teaching Fellow who has so much passion for cryptography and puzzles. He has a special interest in quantum cryptography. He has a current personal best on solving a scrambled Rubix Cube 4x4 in 53 seconds. With a deep interest in magic, Kieren has been experimenting in teaching computer science through his magic tricks. He has a Ph.D. in computer science and has gained over 10 years of experience in teaching.